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Michael Chesley Johnson knows how to pack a lot into a small package – whether it’s his painting gear or a 5” x 7” landscape painting. Being a master of the essential is no mean feat. Michael Chesley Johnson’s latest book, Backpacker Painting, will reward the attentive reader with a wealth of outdoor painting know-how for a no-nonsense, no-frills approach to outdoor painting in every season, day and night. - Carl Judson, Judson's Art Outfitters

I took it to our plein air group meeting and it was received with happy sounds. It's already loaned to a member ... the group was impressed and pleased with it. And this is not an easy group to impress. - Kitty Wallis

In the tradition of Rick Steve’s “less is more” guides for the traveler, Michael Chesley Johnson’s Backpacker Painting offers painters excellent guidelines for carrying the lightest load possible without sacrificing any of the necessary tools for a successful plein air experience. As well, the instruction Michael offers on limited (and lightweight!) palettes that can meet the color mixing needs of the landscape is sure to benefit artists looking to reduce the quantity of materials and time required to prepare for a painting trip. - Briana Ragone-Ball, Gamblin Artists Colors

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Book Done - And Calendar, Too!

I'm proud to say that my new book, Backpacker Painting: Outdoors with Oil & Pastel, is finally available!

This 164-page paperback is packed with 12 demonstations, in both oil and pastel, and 72 paintings and 125 illustrations.

Click here to order or to learn more about it.

By the way, my 2009 calendar is now available, too. You can order from the same link and save on shipping.

In the book, I answer all the questions my students have asked over the years:
  • My approach to what gear is absolutely needed
  • How I cut excess baggage
  • How I capture the landscape quickly and accurately
...while still having fun!

For advanced painters, I include plenty of tips as well as special sections on how to bring your outdoor painting to a higher level.

The book has taken me over a year to write, but it's been a rewarding task. I think you'll enjoy it.

From the Introduction:

One of the most rewarding ways to paint en plein air is to go out with the least equipment and materials possible. "Backpacker Painting" sums it up. If I can squeeze whatever I need into my backpack, then I can paint anywhere my feet can take me.

But Backpacker Painting isn't just an approach to equipment and materials. It's also an attitude. If you approach the act of painting outdoors with the philosophy of portability, you can practice 'backpacker painting' anywhere. You don't have to hike into the wilderness and brave the bears. You can do it in your front yard.

There are many situations where you can strip down your gear, both mental and physical. If you can do the job with just a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, why take the whole hardware store with you? This book will show you how to simplify your painting life.